Book 1: Winning the Princess

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Snatched from her home, Princess Kyra is forced to await valiant knights to come save her from a magical land filled with danger. Whoever makes it back to the castle with her first, wins the right to be King. But some of the knights are not so honorable, and the princess realizes that in order to survive, she must take matters into her own delicate hands.



Book 2: Chasing the Princess

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Princess Kyra’s adventures continue as she attempts to flee her royal position and become a commoner, accompanied by her knights in not-quite-shining armor. But the contest is still going whether she likes it or not, and dangerous men pursue her. The kingdom is abuzz, wondering who will wear the new crown, but all she wants is to survive and be free of her gilded cage.

A story with a hint of romance, a little magic, and perhaps a chicken or two.