A. J. Bakke has always been a creative spirit with her head in the clouds and half a toe in reality.

Her biggest passion, aside from writing, is horseback riding. She has one horse, a Tennessee Walker gelding named Zephyr. She started riding at the age of 31 when she reached the conclusion that she wasn’t getting any younger, so it was time to start following her dreams NOW instead of ‘sometime in the future.’ She applied that same concept to writing at the age of 33, and archery at 37–which will hopefully lead to mounted archery in the near future!

A. J. is the oldest of five sisters and one brother to boss around.

A.J. enjoys writing fantastical stories with a ton of action and comedy thrown in. Her favorite time to write is first thing in the morning with a big mug of coffee close at hand and cats piled on her lap. Cats are attracted to magical people, after all.