Book 1: Magic Is To Dance

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Shoveling dragon dung for a living isn’t glamorous, but Cayden has dreams of performing as a magic dancer at the summer Competitions. Although the dragon races eclipse everything else, Cayden and his small troupe intend to follow their dreams.

At the dragon races Cayden discovers something worse than losing when he stumbles upon a deadly plot that threatens thousands of lives, including those of his family and friends.

While the dragons race against each other, Cayden must race against time.



Book 2: Magic is to Fly

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Finally, Rhiannen is old enough to befriend a newly hatched dragonet. Her future path in dragon racing spans bright and exciting before her.

But life has a knack for not going as planned.

A hawk attacks her family farm and carries Rhiannen far from the haven. Instead of preparing for dragon riding, she has to find a way to survive a vast wilderness full of predators that see her as bite-sized and tasty.

When she finds a dragon nest, she’s given the hope of befriending a wild dragonet to train and return home with.

But the answer is hardly that simple as mischievous Fate twists her plans again and again…